October 2017

Meet Sarah!

Mom of the Month: Sarah

1.What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood means to love fiercely, teaching your children to love and care for others while learning how to take care of themselves.

2.What are you doing to reach your fitness goals?

Mostly, I try to eat healthy while making it to class 2-3x week and pushing each class harder than the class before. Also, I try to get out and be active with the kids walking to the park, playing on the trampoline, etc.

3.What has Fit4Mom BCS done for you?

I've made some amazing mom friendships! Since joining FIT4Mom, I can hold a plank, squat without having to struggle to get back up and do a few push-ups! Oh, and I can flex my abs!

4.What is your favorite exercise?

Squats! And I have a love-hate relationship with Burpees!

5.What is your proudest moment as a mom?

I could go on forever about how proud my kids make me. My oldest, Aslynn, always blows me away by setting goals, whether academic or athletic and achieves them. Our littlest one, Jack, really shows he's watching. He has learned to do many chores without being asked and even likes to show me his burpees!

6.What are three of your favorite things (besides your family!)?

God first! Without Him, I'd be a bigger mess than I am.

I love Coming up with my own recipes; and then cooking or baking them (even more, I love doing this for other people!).

I'm also really passionate about Volunteering weekly at an assisted living home with senior citizens!

7.Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or makes you unique.

Not sure if this surprises anyone that really knows me, but I have always walked fast. I speed walk every where and people always comment or ask why I'm in a hurry. I joke that it's because my maiden name is Walker and I'm just living up to the name. But I really can't help it, I don't think I am capable of walking slow.

8.If we asked your spouse what they think your best qualities are, what would they say?

He'd probably tell you I love really hard, and I'm always making sure everyone is taken care of. And I would hope he would say I'm a good cook because I feed him (and the kids) well. Lol.

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