May 2018

Meet Christina!

What does motherhood mean to you?

To me Motherhood means unconditional love and support, warmth and strength, and being selfless even when you’re exhausted. I’m so grateful to be the mom of two wonderful boys who have brought meaning to my life and who continue to teach me new things every single day.

2.What are you doing to reach your fitness goals?

In addition to waking up before the sun for Body Back this session and finally taking care of proper nutrition, I’m making it a priority to get to stroller strides as often as I can. I find it hard to get motivated to workout at home alone, and I really feel so much better after getting out in the fresh air and working out. I’m a much better mom and a happier human on these days!

3.What has Fit4Mom BCS done for you?

FIT4Mom has given me a completely new perspective on myself and my life. When my family moved here this past summer, I was home alone - in another new town, no extended family or friends - with a barely two year old and a two month old. Needless to say, for a few months I was in a really dark hole. I felt like an outsider, I was exhausted and doubting myself as a parent, and what’s worse is I expected that I’d never feel better. I knew that I needed to make a change for all of us. From our very first stroller strides class, I have been completely surprised - I felt and continue to feel welcomed by all of these wonderful moms who I would never have met if I didn’t put myself out there. I have felt more clear-headed, energetic and more confident as a mom. My kids are also making new friends, trying new things and seeing their mom get healthy. I’m finally starting to see that on both good and bad days, I’m no longer in it alone.

4.What is your favorite exercise?

I don’t mind squats!

5.What is your proudest moment as a mom?

Seeing my oldest, Theo, begin to communicate with and embrace his younger brother, Freddie. One will just start giggling at the other and vice versa. Theo will console Freddie with a hug if he’s crying. He gets worried when Freddie is down for a nap and not in the room with us - and asks where his Freddie Baby is. My wish is that they always stick together.

6.What are three of your favorite things (besides your family!)?

Martha’s Vineyard, The Office, and most importantly, chips of any kind

7.Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or makes you unique.

When I was growing up on the east coast, my parents owned a small boat and lobster traps. My brother and I spent all summer watching my dad pull up the lobster pots and discovering what crawled into the traps besides lobsters. These are some of the earliest and best family memories that I have - and I hope someday my kids can experience it too.

8.If we asked your spouse what they think your best qualities are, what would they say?

I think Tony would say that I’m passionate about pretty much everything and committed to my family and friends. And selfless - except when it comes to sharing snacks, with that I’m sure he’d say I’m pretty selfish ;)

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