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We are proud to serve the local mamas of Aggieland!!

We are the nation's leading pre and postnatal exercise program! At FIT4MOM of Bryan / College Station we offer you great classes to meet your needs as a mother. Working moms, those with older children, or moms wanting to add intensity to their workout and focus on their nutrition enjoy Body Back®. And moms who have stroller aged children love our program, Stroller Strides®.

And we are not just a walk in the park. Most moms who attend our classes are pleasantly surprised by the total body workout and how challenged they were!

But we are WAY more than just a great workout. At FIT4MOM BCS we know mommin' ain't easy! We believe in the power of sisterhood in motherhood and the strength that a village provides for this sometimes difficult, yet beautiful season of life. Our moms workout together, socialize, and their kids make great friends too!

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